Private Subreddits, Better

MegaMegaMonitor is a browser plugin that enhances your Reddit experience by adding flair to show people's place in the MegaLounge progression as well as membership of selected other private subreddits. Find out more at /r/MegaMegaMonitor!

Here's how to install it:

1. Install GreaseMonkey

Install GreaseMonkey for Firefox or TamperMonkey for Chrome.

Different browser? You're on your own! (it certainly works in new versions of Opera, and it ought to work in Safari if you install GreaseKit)
Tell us about your experience in /r/MegaMegaMonitor.

2. Install MegaMegaMonitor

MegaMegaMonitor comes in two flavours. Most users like the new (beta) version, known as v15x: it's got support for more subreddits and extra features. Click the button to install MegaMegaMonitor. GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey will detect it as a "UserScript" and offer to install it for you. Afterwards, it should automatically update, but you can always come back and install it again if it doesn't.

Install MegaMegaMonitor v15x (beta)

If you'd prefer to use the v12x (legacy) version, which has better performance for some users, you still can (for now).

Install MegaMegaMonitor v12x (legacy)

3. Know your place

As you explore Reddit, look for the icons that identify the highest MegaLounge that everybody is at. Red 'plus' icons identify people who are higher-up than you are. White-on-black icons identify people on the level you're currently looking at (perhaps they need gilding to help them up the chain!).

Discuss, share screenshots, etc. in /r/MegaMegaMonitor.